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Meaning Of Naijapace

Naija – As we all know, Naija is the short name almost everyone in Nigeria call her.

Pace – The distance covered in a step (or sometimes two), either vaguely or according to various specific set measurements.

Bringing it together, Naijapace simply means the talk of Nigeria which is not ending any moment soon.

Naijapace.com.ng is a Nigeria News/Entertainment Blog.                                      Entertainment Non-stop!

Over the year, Naijapace.com.ng has grown so big to cater for our users in terms of our daily updates. This blog was launched in 2018 and ever since launching we’ve been growing big day by day.

Our mission and believe is to become one of Nigerian’s most visited and best online portal.

Naijapace.com.ng’s updates covers almost all life ranging facets from Music, Videos, News & Entertainment & Gossip gists.

Nigerians find our platform so useful and that’s what gave us the privilege to come up with brands that covers all areas of entertainment.


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