Remember The Meaning Of YBNL? Olamide Popularized Internet Fraud In Nigeria Or What Do You Think?

This, I thought was one of the most powerful messages that hit the music scene back in those days when the dreams of every youth were to become an Internet fraudster.

Olamide came into the industry, drops some amazing tunes and thereafter floated his Music label after leaving the ID Cabasa owned Coded Tunes Record label and he named it “YBNL“.

YBNL stands for Yahoo Boy No Laptop = What does this mean?

Olamide was trying to pass a message to the desperate youths that there are other ways to get rich and he was going to prove that with his Music. Did he do it? Oh yes, he did.

Despite his no display of wealth attitude, Olamide is super comfortable and doesn’t need weekly selfies in private jets to prove that. His riches has extended to many young minds signed to his label and to those around him. You all can testify to that.

As against the claims from people saying Olamide’s YBNL Record Label name was encouraging youths to engage in fraudulent activities, we strongly believe he inspired many more youths to see hope in shutting down their laptop and reaching for the mic using their own mothers’ tongue.

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You all will agree that ever since Olamide hit the music scene the numbers of those doing local rap has increased drastically compared to the way it was when his predecessors Lord of Ajasa & Dagrin were on top of their game.

Indeed, there’s power in the message of YBNL. All Thanks to Olamide, the “Yahoo Yahoo” madness would have been more if not for Music.

Music has a great influence in the mind of the people, how Olamide was able to divert the attention of many youths from being Internet Fraudsters to doing Music is superb. Music influence can either be positive or negative, the reason why we need to be very careful about the kind of songs/artists we listen to. The impact of Musicians in the life of the youths is more potent than that of their Parents, Pastors or Alfas.

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Yes! Olamide has done his part to encourage some Nigerian youths to use their musical talent to get a better life.

It’s now left for government, parents and other institution alike to play their own part well in building a nation where youths are lots more interested in making clean money.

The government can do better by making jobless graduates get well-paying jobs and those running legitimate businesses get good returns on their investments.

What would be the fate of the country if all those working legitimately get frustrated and eventually become fraudsters?

Long Live YBNL… Long Live Olamide…

The Name YBNL, Do You Think Olamide Kicked Against Yahoo Or Supported It?

What do you think about this?

Let’s hear from you all.

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