A Ghanaian prison officer identified as Khobbi Arday Armah has got himself in hot waters on social media for a misogynic comment he made on social media which has not gone down well with several women and men alike.

Khobbi Arday, the prison officer who is a member of the “Adulthood” group Sunday morning whiles most Ghanaians were in church or spending some quality time with their family posted in the group: “Girls smell like dry fish in their period”

“Girls smell like dry fish in their period”- Prison officer says 1
This comment has angered women and some men and they gave him sticks for such disrespectful comment against women considering his position as a correctional officer in Ghana.

Interestingly, the police officer who is obviously a misogynist and has no respect for women refused to take down the post and keeps on defending the reckless statement.
“Girls smell like dry fish in their period”- Prison officer says 2
Kobe Akosah who is a known advocate of women rights on social media passed a comment on the post. Kobe Akosah who was obviously angry wrote:

A whole Nsawam prisons officer and u post such trash, go ask ur mother how she smells during her menses. Foolish useless people we have in the country, yet u’ve been given a gun to protect and guard the prisons.


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