Tonto Dikeh has gone out to share the intimacy of her husband, Churchill Olakunle.

In a tell-it-all video, Tonto Dikeh tells that her ex-husband was involved in internet fraud and rituals.

Tonto who made the reveals in her part two video, where sher spoke and explain everything about her marriage with Churchill from good to bad. She also revealed how she has lived with her husband before and after giving birth  to their son, King.

She Revealed;

After i came back from giving birth to my son, i had been suspecting that he is into internet fraud (Yahoo)… Before i even came back to nigeria i had already bEgun to suspect him bit the only thing that made me confirm that the night he wasn’t supposed to be home and i slept early because of my son. And i heard some unusual noise in his room because he’s in the penthouse and i was under.

So, i heard a noise in that room because nobody was supposed to be there. I opened up the room, and i saw a full-grown up man in red cloth tied around his waist and red candles around him with laptop in his hand. Immediately i saw that, i was shocked not scared but shocked. I just started laughing and he got. So that was one of the fights after i had my son, King.


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